1 September 2019

4 years ago today, one of my biggest dreams came true! 🥺 I started my first internship with a British Fashion magazine!!

I will always remember that day. After months of applying to magazines, hundreds of emails sent (with no responses), I finally made it! I was SO PROUD of myself. 

I remember that I woke up really early in the morning as I was just so excited. I couldn’t sleep!! I had my outfit ready from the previous night. I knew how I want to do my makeup and style my hair. I wanted to look amazing! 

My journey to Time Inc was about two hours long as I didn’t live in London at the time. But when I stood outside the giant glass building, I just knew... that one day I would move to London and start my career in the fashion industry. 

I went inside the building. My heart was beating so fast. I was scared. Excited. Nervous. Happy. My knees were shaking! Was I dreaming? Everything was so surreal!

“You can do it!” - I heard my own voice inside my head. - “One foot in front of the other. Chin up. Back straight. They will see how amazing you are! Breathe!”

...And that’s how my fashion journey in the UK began. 4 years ago. 🥺 

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To my younger self - I am so proud of you. For every decision you made. For every action you took. For constantly stepping outside your comfort zone. For always proving everyone wrong! For always believing in yourself and in your dreams. 

To you, who’s reading this post - whoever you are, whatever you do - PLEASE keep going! If I can do it, so can you! When I first came to the United Kingdom, I was shy, scared, and most of the people couldn’t even understand my Eastern European accent. (Some people still can’t 😅) But as you can see, that didn’t stop me to pursuing my dreams and making them happen! So whatever excuse(s) you have, ELIMINATE them! You are capable of achieving anything you want! Start today. Make your future self proud!

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