Capsule Wardrobe Work Edition 


There are so many benefits to having a work capsule wardrobe. It will save you time, and money, and when you look this good, you feel good.

Looking for the BEST staples to add to your work capsule wardrobe?  Keep reading to find the absolute must-have workwear essentials you should own in 2023.

High quality tops

Even if we’re wearing a jacket, our tops will be the first thing to crease if the quality is low. Don’t let those opportunities slip just because you settled for a bargain blouse.

Tailored suits are a MUST

When it comes to suits, you don’t need a huge variety. A couple of well-made suits (and ideally tailored) will take you a long way.

3. Add a black oversized blazer

The hidden gem of any good work capsule wardrobe.  This staple should be at the top of everyone’s workwear essentials list.  P.S. We found the PERFECT one for you!

Maxi skirts

A beige maxi skirt is a timeless classic that can be paired perfectly with everything. Just as with the blazer, this one can also smoothly transition from the work day to the Par-tay.

Elegant knits

Look for materials such as cotton and cashmere. As for the color palette, we recommend neutral tones with a clean design. No patterns needed here.  Simplicity is elegance.

Comfortable pumps

Pointed-toe courts are a classic that you can rely on to elevate your office look. If you can’t wear heels, you can go for loafers or ballet pumps like these.

Logo belts get the seal of approval

Although your outfit may be sleek and simple, our accessories are what allow us to make a look pop.  One of those accessories is your belt.

Love these work wardrobe staples?

Check the FULL list with all the essentials you need! Plus some bonus style tips.