The Top Vegan Shampoo Brands For The Best Hair

Find the best vegan shampoo brands to get you the hair you’ve always wanted. No nasties or harsh chemicals here. Just the power of nature.

100% Pure has a shampoo for every occasion. Volumising, Glossing, Restorative, they’ve got you covered.

100% Pure

Treat your hair the way it deserves with Pacifica's luxury hair-loving ingredients like shea butter, coconut milk, and cocoa butter.

Pacifica Beauty

MONDAY brings us a shampoo that is ideal for flat, thin hair that needs a boost.

MONDAY Haircare

Suitable for everyday use, Olaplex's natural formula and mineral oils nourish your hair when it needs it most.


Founded in 1978, the international haircare brand champions sustainability and balance. Their first product was a clove shampoo.


Vegamour's aim is to create solutions to common issues like itchy scalp and dry hair, without the use of short-term fixes that lead to long-term problems.


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