Create Your Affordable Capsule Wardrobe With This Budget-Friendly Guide

You don’t need the perfect capsule wardrobe to reap the rewards. You’ll save time not having to put hours of thought into every outfit.

White t-shirts are a core item in your basic essentials. Ideally made from organic cotton, your white tee will take you a long way.

Basic White Tee x 2:

Neutral colors are the easiest to style, so they are a great way to mix up your outfits with fewer clothes.

Neutral Colored T-shirts x 2:

As far as patterns go, stripes are a great option - if not the ONLY option. Minimal designs are easier to work with, so you keep your style high and your hassle low.

Stripe T-shirt x 2:

Black tees are another one of your classic pieces that can work with any color scheme. You’ll find them in every minimalist wardrobe because they are such an essential.

Black Tee x 2:

Certain outfits and seasons call for zero-sleeves. This is where your tank tops come in. Keep them tonal for versatility.

White & Black Tank Tops:

A white shirt can really level up your style when paired with the right items.

White Cotton Shirt

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