May 11, 2018

I almost forgot how beautiful Sofia is! Not sure what made the difference in my visit this time. It might be that for the first time, I'm seeing it through the eyes of a tourist and not as someone who grew up there and is used to the beauty the city has to offer. But that was honestly one of my best visits so far.

It would be a massive lie to say that after so many years and travels under my belt, I don't feel as excited as I was at the begging, crossing the airport doors of Sofia Airport Terminal 1 and seeing my amazing parents, impatiently waiting for me, surrounded by a sea of strangers. That's the happiest moment of my journey to Bulgaria, every single time!

I love reading Wizz's monthly magazine. It always gives me the best holiday & destinations ideas
I know, I know. I'm aware that we live in the 21st century and I can easily find affordable flights from England to Bulgaria with low budget airlines such as Wizz Air (which I am using all the time actually), but the feeling of having someone so precious, waiting for you at the airport, EVERY SINGLE TIME, is just priceless. 

I love everything about my home. And I think that the fact my life is split between the U.K. and Bulgaria is what makes me appreciate my home country and all the great stuff that it has to offer even more.

Like the mornings at my grandma's, for example. Her homemade tea with a dozen of herbs and her incredible breakfasts.

Morning view from my grandma's window

The flower shops around every corner of Sofia. Do you know how good the flowers smell in Bulgaria? It's insane!

Savina in the flower land

My two favourite girls - Puhhie and Kitty
. I miss them so much! Can't wait to get so rich so I can afford to get a big house with a garden, where all my family (and, of course, cats) will live together.

My Persian princess Puhhie, who you'd probably know if you've been reading my blog since the start of it
And that's our family cat - Kitty. She is now 15 years old, but I bet she is the most energetic little puma you shall ever seen 

The colourful trams. They must be new as I don't remember seeing green and blue trams in Sofia before. I mean, how Instagrammable are they?! 

The hidden architectural gems in the capital city and all of the little restaurants and bakeries offering an insanely delicious food. Not only traditional but from all over the world. I'm not this kind of person who would say "that's the best, because it's mine", but trust me, guys, if you haven't been in Bulgaria and you haven't tried Bulgarian cuisine, you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. Check this article where I'm recommending some really good food places in Sofia. 

Here is a little vlog from my trip to Sofia. 

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