May 4, 2018

Nowadays, social media is so powerful! Isn’t it great how in just one click we can access thousands of sources of information. Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration, daily outfits or style ideas, Instagram, for example, offers a wide range of content for everybody’s needs. 

In today’s post, I’m going to show you my TOP 5 GO TO FASHION PAGES on Instagram, that you should definitely check out. If you ever struggle connecting with your inner style guru or are running out of inspiration. 

Starting off with my forever NUMBER 1 - @americanstyle

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With almost 8 MILLION followers globally and over 10 000 posts, @americanstyle is with no doubt one of the biggest (and in my humble opinion) most powerful fashion curator pages out there. 

Can you imagine how incredibly honoured I felt when I got a notification that this giant page reposted one of my personal pics! I mean, c’mon! It’s like Leonie Hanne from @ohhcouture (or someone else who you really admire) coming to shake your hand with the words “Well done, you’re doing great!”. 

Need I say more? Go check @americanstyle and give them a follow now! 

NUMBER 2 - @hairsandstyles

That’s my second favourite curator page for fashion inso on Instagram. Beautiful colours, inspirational photos, great content! If you’re like me and enjoy scrolling down beautiful feed, that’s your cup of tea! 

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If you’re a gym enthusiast or a health freak, but you like a bit of fashion too, @body_fitness_fashion is definitely your thing! A great mixture of gorgeous looking stylish girls and fitspo at the same time. What more could you possibly ask for?

I find pages like that a great visual motivation for my “getting ready for summer” period or any other time really when I’m trying to get into my skinniest jeans. How about you?

NUMBER 4 - @wildfiresss

Retro chic, freedom and romance. 4 words that sum up perfectly my favourite curation account for daily vintage and adventure inspiration. Check them out!

This beautiful account with almost half a million followers is also in my top list of pages to follow if you are a romantic soul like me and love everything vintage. Incredible content that makes you fall  deeply in love with places you’ve never seen and been to. Love at first sight. 

What are your favourite Instagram accounts for fashion inspiration?

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