March 9, 2017

You know you're getting older when you get overexcited about the idea of trying a brand new product that helps extending the life of your clothes by keeping them new and fresh for longer! Fair enough, I'm a fashion blogger and everything on the market that is meant to maintain my lovely belongings in a great condition goes automatically in the list "wanted". I suppose.   

With that being said, I am so happy that Verve contacted me to try their newest anti ageing care kit. Super easy to use, perfect for clean freaks like me.

The kit consists of four beautifully designed products - a pack of capsules, conditioner, fabric serum and misting spray (my personal favourite!).

The first step is cleanse. All you need to do is placing one capsule in the back of the drum then add your laundry.

Step two - condition. Dose 15ml of the fabric conditioner (there is a dosage on the bottle) into your washing machine drawer for an extra softness.

Step three - protect. Dose 10ml of the fabric serum into the washing machine drawer with the fabric conditioner. Think about the fabric serum as a shampoo, you can't miss the shampoo when showering your hair, right? Good! Then don't forget to add the serum in your washing machine every time you use it. It will protect the colour, shape and drape of your clothes!

Step four - refresh. That's my favourite part! I love the idea of having a spray that boosts the freshness of my garments between washes. It's like a dry shampoo but for clothes. Super practical and easy to use!

To end, I am so glad I got to try this product. Maybe it's just me and my practicality, but I really like taking care of every segment of my life. From my diet, body, mind and health, to my home and wardrobe. It's great to know that I now have a solution to keep my favourite clothes like new even after wearing them thousands of times. Thank you, Verve


Mademoiselle S.


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