February 11, 2016

 I am not too sure who’s to blame for, whether the Mercury retrograde, the Universe or the vibrations of my own thoughts, but the begging of 2016 was not as spectacular for me as I wished to!

I recently caught myself setting goals too big, which seem quite impossible to be accomplished right away, and as I’m not a very patient person, this feeling, or shall I say fear, of impossibility, has been literally breaking my spirit down.  

Don’t know if you are reading the same books I read, but I’m starting to believe more and more that our mental and physical health is fundamentally linked and when our mind suffers, our body suffers too.

At least, that explains why I had to deal with migraines, fever, stress and a serious mental block the whole January. I've been ill before, you see, having a fever or a headache is not a big deal, but when it lasts for a month, it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude. Especially, when you’re trapped in a creative rut, as well! 

Anyway, January has gone and, thank God, as quickly as disappeared my self-motivation appeared again! It's weird, I just woke up one morning and I was not as upset anymore! This time, I decided, I needed a plan to stay focused and inspired for longer periods and keep a positive attitude even when I don’t feel like it.

So it’s been about two weeks now since I've started some home yoga practices, weekly acupuncture sessions, listening to some relaxing music, added more healthy choices to my meals, and overall been trying to do stuff that makes me happy and satisfied. Guess what! My plan actually seems to be working!

I am not too sure who’s to blame for, whether the (end of) Mercury retrograde, the Universe or the vibrations of my own thoughts, but know one thing for sure – birds flying high, sun in the sky and my soul dances again inside my body. 

I can't predict anything, but I do have a feeling February is going to be good.     


  1. I hope your February were goes well.
    And you are not alone, I also ever had a headache and felt down like not satisfied with life etc for like 2 months in a row.
    I think it might be just a normal phase for everyone in this life.
    Keep on doing what you love and hope you a goodluck!


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