As white as milk, as red as blood

August 9, 2014

Dress: Buy here
Shirt: Forever 21
Boots: Unknown

I love dresses. In all their varieties. They're comfortable, easy to wear with different shoes and accessories, beautiful, and they seem to be the most logical aesthetic solution to the summer heat. (I mean, if you're a woman, haha.)
The only thing I don't really like about wearing dresses is that too girly feeling that they give to the whole look. Because sometimes I'm just not feeling that way, you know. So, on a day like that, instead of classy neckless with the the dress I'm wearing, I put my new style crush - tartan shirt tied around the waist and instead of ballerina flats ('cause I don't wear sandals), I put on my favorite grunge boots. The weather is suitable for them and the shirt is the perfect addition to clothes falling freely around your waist when you want to focus on it. 

Обожавам рокли. Във всичките им разновидности. Удобни са, лесно влизат в комбинации с други дрехи, обувки и аксесоари, красиви са, а пък и лятото се явяват като най-логичното естетическо решение за борба с горещините. (Имам в предвид ако си жена, нали.) 
Единственото нещо, което не харесвам в този тип дреха е, че придава едно такова прекалено girly усещане на цялата визия. А има дни, в които просто не се чувствам така. И в ден като този към роклята, с която съм облечена, вместо елегантно колие, прибавям най-новия си моден crush - карирана риза вързана около талията, а вместо обувчици тип 'балеринки' (защото сандали не нося), слагам любимите си черни боти с капси. Времето е подходящо за тях, а ризата е перфектната добавка към дрехи, падащи свободно около талията, когато искаш да я подчертаеш. 
А какъв е твоят моден crush? 


Madmoiselle S.


  1. I love your outfit! Very nice ♥

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  2. Loving your posts & pics ,
    your blogging has evolved beautifully throughout the weeks
    & those shoes are just WOW


    This week's ( 50 Shades of blue )ootd is up on my blog ,
    come & drop me some love sweetie ,,

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  3. Such a cute dress and looove the boots ❤
    It's great how corodinating with dresses, can make them look very different :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  4. hi.
    i love your look so much.
    my favorite is the first pic.
    love, MiKu

  5. Yes yes! С две ръце съм ЗА! Обожавам женствени рокли с по-мъжки аксесоари и обувки. Супер е!

  6. cool outfit!

  7. Gorgeous! You look phenomenal and I love the addition of these stellar boots. Perfection.

  8. I like your hair! :)

  9. I feel the same exact way about dresses! They are perfect for the summer heat but I hate feeling so girly! I'm so going to have to pair mine with a plaid shirt around the waist!

  10. Beautiful as always

    Love Vikee

  11. Beautiful dress! And gorgeous girl!

  12. You look stunning and I am totally crushing on your dress :)


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