She is too pure to be pink

March 4, 2014

Socks: Choies
Jacket: Cache Cache
Sneakers: Jeffrey Campbell

When spring knocks on your door, you realizes that it's time to make some changes. I just dipped dye my hair again like two days ago. I have totally forgotten how much I adore pink.
Also, I officially confess that the dresses are my this year's personal favorite because while adding this lovely pink purchase to my wardrobe, I found that I have an urgent need for more hangers, haha.
I'm not neutral to over knee socks, too, in combination with spikes, so I was so happy when I saw these cuties in Choies at a very reasonable price.
And yeah, let's say "yes" to spring with our favorite dresses, delicate colors, leather jackets, stockings, spikes and sneakers. Because spring is the season of changes.

С наближаването на пролетта идва време и за промяна във визията, а аз съвсем бях забравила колко много обичам розово, преди да оцветя краищата на косата си в този цвят. 
Официално признавам и че роклите са ми персоналният фаворит тази година, защото прибавяйки тази нова розова придобивка към колекцията в гардероба си, осъзнах, че имам спешна нужда от  о щ е  з а к а ч а л к и! 
Към чорапите над коленете в комбинация с шипове, също не съм безпристрастна, както знаят редовните читатели на блога ми, така че се радвам, че открих такива, каквито искам, тук и то на съвсем прилична цена. 
И така, нека кажем "да" на пролетта с любимите си рокли, нежни цветове, кожени якета, дълги чорапи, шипове и кецове. Защото пролетта е сезонът на промените. 


Mademoiselle S.


  1. Sladko i koketno predlojenie :) i chestita pricheska!


  2. super look

  3. Love those glasses and the hair!! Great look!

  4. I love your hair!! And your over the knees are just gorgeous!:)

  5. Oeeeeh I love the hair, how fun and fabulous!
    Beautiful photos!

    Enjoy a great day hun

    xoxo tamara Chloé

  6. Your hair is amazing and I love the jacket!

  7. Love that your mani matches your dress so perfectly.

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  9. you have a unique style! love your blog :) following via bloglovin!

  10. omg I love your photos
    I hope you want to keep visiting me

    beijinhos querida
    Chic Diary

  11. so cool!

    please follow me and i will follow you back!

  12. You look stunning! Trainers are the best ever! <3

  13. You look beyond beautiful!! Love your hair, your makeup, outfit..everything is superb!! Adorable

  14. love the color palette of this outfit! xoxo

  15. You look absolutely gorgeous! You remind me of Demi Lovato. ♥

  16. Oooh! Pink! <3
    My favourite! :D

    The socks are amazing, need to get those! x)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  17. Amazing outfit! Obsessed with your hair

    Want to follow eachother on blogger and blogovin?

  18. Love this! Nothing what I would wear but by you it's perfect. Gorgeous babe!


  19. great blog :))

    following you on GFC <3

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  21. I'm a great fan of " Over the knees " style ! you are so cute with this look ! ♥


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