Forever 21 obsession

18 June 2013

Say hi to my new baby from Forever 21. I'm gonna show you later my other purchases from there. Gosh, I swear, that's the greatest store in the world. I need a full day to walk around it and to try all the clothes that I like. Everything is just so damn pretty. New outfit post is coming up, so stay tuned!

Кажете здрасти на една от новите ми придобивки от Forever 21. Вероятно тук е моментът да спомена, че това е най-уникалният магазин, на който съм попадала 'очи в очи' досега. Истината е, че и друг път съм пазарувала от онлайн каталога им, но изборът на живо определено е доста по-внушителен и главозамайващ. Тези дни ще има нов аутфит пост, така че останете на линия.


Mademoiselle S. 


  1. I love that top, i wish the forever 21 was here in my country !

  2. Wow this top is awesome! Absolutely love the cut.

  3. love it

  4. Wow great top it's so cool and definitely something I would wear myself :-)
    And can't wait to see your up coming outfit as well.

    Stop by:

  5. Great t shirt :) i think my dog would hate me if i bought it, hehehehehe

    kisses from croatia,


  6. This is such a beautiful top! I'll definitely be searching for this in my local Forever 21!
    Would love it if you could check out my blog, I'm fairly new to this blogging business so any feedback would be massively appreciated!
    Thanks :)
    Abbi x

  7. Superrr,na liniq sme chakame nova publikaciq. :)

  8. Lovely top darling! Totally love it!

  9. I love F21 too Savina! Great items there! Nice top :)
    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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